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Welcome! Our mission is to improve the quality and the quantity of ballroom dancing in the United States. Fort Wayne Dancesport is chapter #2046 of USA Dance, Inc. (formerly the U.S. Amateur Ballroom Dancers Association). USA DANCE is a volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization serving as the National Governing Body for Dancesport in the USA - Member of the International Dance Sport Federation (IDSF) and an Affiliate Member of United States Olympic Committee (USOC).

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Saturday, September 12, 2015, 07:00PM - 11:00PM
Fort Wayne Dancesport Chapter Dance
Join Fort Wayne Dancesport for its monthly social ballroom dance 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. at IPFW's Walb Student Union Ballroom. Doors open at 7 p.m. A group lesson in hustle by  professional instructor Kelly Bartlett begins at 7:15 p.m. General dancing begins at 8:15 p.m. and runs until 11 p.m. Other information, including a map to the venue, is available at the top of our "FWD Events" page.

July, 2013 Chapter Newsletter

Nightclub two step was the order of the evening at the IPFW Walb Student Union, with 67 dancers enjoying and learning to the lesson by Kelly Bartlett and Chris Spaulding, new owners of the Dance Tonight Fort Wayne studio. An evening of wonderful dancing to the always enjoyable music of Phil Motley rounded out the delightful Fort Wayne Dancesport monthly gathering. Having Kelly and Chris teach a course marks their first time for Fort Wayne Dancesport. We wish them well at their new studio, located at 1515 West Dupont Road (260-437-6825).

soin logoSpecial Olympics takes place July 27, 2013 at the Grand Wayne Center. Dan Keck has issued an urgent request for one male dancer to pair up with one female Olympian. She will not be able to compete without a partner. Please help if you can schedule the time.

You only need to know the basics for waltz, foxtrot, cha-cha, rumba and swing. You will need to practice with her on Monday nights at 6 p.m. at Renaissance Studio in Ossian. Contact Dan at 260-440-7004 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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June, 2013 Chapter Newsletter

What a wonderful evening it was for dancing. May's dance featured 78 dancers and some very special moments. Eagle Lindsey provided a most exciting variety of dance music and Melissa Culbertson made the west coast swing lesson a delight to experience. We are so grateful to have such superior talent making our evening of light fantastic possible. Thank you.

Newly engaged dancers Chancellor Jacquay and Andrea SarrazineNewly engaged dancers Chancellor Jacquay and Andrea Sarrazine

A highlight moment at the dance was provided when Chancellor Jacquay stepped out on the floor in between dances and, on bended knee, offered an engagement ring to Andrea Sarrazine. She accepted, and all dance members offered the dance floor to them for their magic moment dance. Then, with virtual spontaneity, dance members formed a circle around the dance floor to help the young couple celebrate the moment. Lots of smiles lit up the happy moment. How very sweet.

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May, 2013 Chapter Newsletter

The Fort Wayne Dancesport April dance was very nice, with 91 dancers enjoying the dance world at its best. Dave Cowdrey of Renaissance Dance Studio did a wonderful job of teaching polka steps, keeping it simultaneously interesting, mildly challenging and most of all, fun. Our thanks to Dave for sharing his talent and experience. We always look forward to his lessons.

USA Dance District Three awards were presented during a brief intermission. Audrey Hindle received the 2012 Chapter of the Year Award for our Fort Wayne Dancesport chapter. Dan Keck received his award for Volunteer of the Year. Fort Wayne is so fortunate to have benefited from the talents and dedication of these two extremely talented dancers.  

USA Dance awards preso Apr 2013
L-R) Chapter Director Kyle Breedlove, Chapter President John Johnson, Former President Audrey Hindle with her award, and Chapter Directors Angie Keck, Sherry Straley, Dan Keck and Russell Hernandez.


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Fort Wayne Dancesport Honored at District Meeting

Dan Keck receiving Volunteer of the Year award

The USA Dance District 3 meeting on March 16, in Cincinnati was truly special. Fort Wayne Dancesport sort of stole the show, winning both awards presented.

Our very own Dan Keck was awarded the Volunteer of the Year for his work with Special Olympics. The award was presented to Dan, with his wife, Angie, present, by District 3 Area Coordinator, Bobbi Jo Gamache and USA Dance National Social Dance VP, Jean Mills Krupa.

Then the 2012 District Chapter of the Year was awarded to Fort Wayne Dancesport #2046, (Audrey Hindle, president). Accepting the award for Audrey was 2013 president, John Johnson.

Following the meeting at the Millennium Hotel, the group dined at the elegant Boi Na Braza Brazilian steakhouse (what a wonderful meal) and then finished the evening at the Cincinnati Music Hall Ballroom. Billed as one of top three largest ballrooms in the USA, it was a most memorable evening. Hopefully, next year, we will have an entourage of members experiencing this marvelous event.

March Dance Goes Green

st patricks day clipart"Wearin' of the Green" was the order of the St. Patrick's evening at Walb Memorial Ballroom as we danced to our heart's delight to the music of Phil Motley. Marcie Haataja gave an enjoyable lesson on the hustle, from basic moves to the fantastic "explosion." Marcie guided us with easy-to-follow instruction and did we ever have fun. How wonderful it is to have an abundance of fine dance instructors to enhance the ballroom dance experience. Turnout for the dance was light, just 52 members and guests, but the atmosphere was wonderful, the music delightful and there was plenty of dancing room for everyone.

Chapter Sets Goals

Increasing membership is a necessary priority for our chapter. USA Dance began as an organization of competitive dancers but its goals from inception included encouraging social dancing. Here in Fort Wayne as well as nationally, social dancing participation is on the decline. If we are to continue to exist as a social ballroom dancing organization, we must reverse that trend. We have determined that there are three main tactics to increase social dancing membership.
First, we must take the fine nucleus of directors (our chapter board members) that now organize our dances and increase to a reasonable degree, the involvement or our remaining 140 plus chapter members. Ideally, no one will be asked to volunteer for more than one extra hour per month.
Second, we must organize a youth board of directors comprised of our younger dancers, which will meet regularly, similar to our chapter board of directors. We will ask them to begin with the task of teaching dance etiquette, making suggestions for improvement to our dances and eventually, conduct chapter dances just for youth.
Third, during National Ballroom Dance Week in September, Fort Wayne Dancesport has in the past conducted ballroom dance demonstrations at one of the city's main shopping facilities. This year, we would like to revive that tradition and let the Fort Wayne community enjoy ballroom dancing as it is done by "regular people" (our social dancers). Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

Get Your 15 Minutes of Fame!

The chapter board needs your help! At 6 p.m., before every chapter dance, board members congregate to decorate the ballroom for our members and their guests. We'd be very grateful if some chapter members would show up to help us get the job done quickly. In addition, we'd like to conduct 15-minute gatherings each month, to discuss how we are doing, what improvements we might make and just general comments. You are certainly welcome!

A Reminder about Dance Etiquette

Dance etiquette graphicJust a quick note about the tradition of ballroom dancing: Most people know that on smooth dances (the ones that go around the floor in the counter-clockwise pattern), slower dancers should stay more to the center and leave the outside lanes open for faster dancers. Well, did you know that if you're a faster dancer who wants to do a fancy move that might interfere with traffic flow, you, too should move toward the center?

Gentlemen, if you ask a lady to dance and she honors you, when the dance is over, it is your obligation to walk her back to her table and thank her. Ladies, if a man is escorting you back to your table and you receive another offer to dance from another gentleman, smile and thank your previous partner before taking leave. Every gentleman who is at a table with several ladies should feel obliged to ask each lady at his table to dance at least once over the course of the evening.

Ladies, it is perfectly acceptable to ask a gentleman to dance. Many men are a bit shy in this area. When the dance is over, however, the gentleman should escort you back to your table.

Ballroom dancing is all about courtesy and respect. That's a good thing, don't you agree?

Appropriate Attire Awareness

At our chapter dances, we do our best to provide a classy environment for all dancers. Dancers in blue jeans and bare feet hinder the accomplishment of that goal. Enough said?

Proud to Serve

In January, the chapter board of directors elected me chapter president. Former president Audrey Hindle has retired from the board after outstanding service as president during what was a very difficult time for our chapter and its board. She continues to serve in an advisory role to ease the transition to new leadership. We all owe Audrey our thanks.

I am pleased and very proud to begin serving as president of Fort Wayne Dancesport. I enjoy ballroom dancing as much today as I did many, many years ago when first I became acquainted with the incredible dance community. Thank you so much for participating in this wonderful sport.

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